Biggest Loser Finale ~ 10 Things We Loved and Learned

Biggest Loser Finale ~ 10 Things we Loved and Learned

The finale of season 13 of the Biggest Loser aired last week on NBC and the world has been buzzing ever since.   Truthfully, we saw it on Hulu over the weekend because we were so busy but still enjoyed it to the fullest.

Biggest Loser Finale 2012 SocaSLIMDOWN

Biggest Loser Finale 2012

This season was about “No Excuses” and definitely was filled with drama as 4 people quit and relationships were put to the test.   We wanted to share our thoughts about the finale, especially the 10 things that we learned and loved from the show and the contestants.

  1.  You can’t win if you’re not in the game.

We know that there are various reasons that caused four people to drop out of the contest that may or may not be justified, but in the end you have to be in it to win it.  They were not mentioned or given must attention and that’s testimony to the importance of sticking to it.

      2.  You can compete against yourself….and win!

Mike lost 160 lbs (a whole person) while at home to emerge a winner of $100,000!  This shows us that even if you do not have the advantages of the bright lights and attention of the show, you can set your own goals and still triumph.

Tim Biggest Loser 2012 SocaSLIMDOWN

Tim Biggest Loser 2012

     3.  1 pound makes a difference

When Emily took the lead among the semi-finalists by losing just one more pound than the current leader, it reminded us that every little bit counts.  Often it takes us making sacrifices at various meals or working out over several days just to lose 1 lb, so it better count!

    4,  You can find your ultimate cheerleader in your mom or child

When Conna took the stage and the spotlight shifted to her sweet daughter, Brooklyn, you couldn’t help but see the inspiration that they found in each other.  Just by being in the game, Conna is showing her daughter the importance of taking care of her health and herself.  Brooklyn is also showing that unconditional love can make you a winner no matter what.

     5.  “It means the world to me that I saved my life.” – Gail

Gail deserved her standing ovation for her persistently positive spirit and charming grace under pressure.  She did not win the at-home challenge or anything fancy but became her own hero in taking control of her health even at her advanced age.

Michelle Obama Biggest Loser 2012 SocaSLIMDOWN

Michelle Obama Biggest Loser 2012

6.  It’s hard to keep up the hype, even for an hour.

It’s difficult – if not impossible – to be happy and excited all the time. Finding motivation and staying pumped is hard on life and on a 1-hour show.   We appreciated being able to skip through those awkward moments when people genuinely couldn’t come up with any catchy buzzwords to describe their elation despite the attempts of the hosts.   Let’s be real.  Life – and tv shows – have its ups and downs

     7.   Santas can be sexy

Roy is one of our favorite characters with his bright white hair and jolly spirit.  We loved how he was able to taper his torso and define his arms to transform his round belly into a sexy silhouette.  Go ‘head, Santa!

    8.  Losing can still be winning…with the right attitude

Even when Adrian from Charleston lost during the contest, he did it with flair!  His style was unique and he is very animated even when you would expect him to be down in defeat.  Having that type of attitude empowers him to keep going on his own journey when the contest is over.  You can find that in yourself too.

Biggest Loser 2012 Kim SocaSLIMDOWN
Biggest Loser 2012 Kim

9.  Regaining your glory makes you shine for yourself and your community

We said “Oh yes!” to Kim’s little black dress with sequins.   Kim definitely got the prize for fashion statement at the finale and looked ready for the runway with her regained athletic figure.  We really applaud her for regaining her glory as a beautiful athlete and rallying to bring a Planet Fitness gym to her community worth over $30,000.  Not only does she bring light in her own world but also for others around her.

      10 .  There’s power in persistence.

Congratulations to Jeremy Britt for winning Season 13 of the Biggest Loser and demonstrating the power of persistence.   Jeremy put up big numbers on the scale each week but still had to fight and hang on for his position as a finalist.  In the end he lost 199 lbs (another person!) to win the grand prize and his dimples couldn’t look better.   I am very happy that he focused on himself and rose to the top in the end.  All the best to you, Jeremy!

Jeremy Biggest Loser 2012 Socamotion

Jeremy Biggest Loser 2012

Here’s to another season of Biggest Loser weight loss challenge and our own challenge at SocaSLIMDOWN where we incorporate training and lessons learned from the program.   Our third challenge will be even better, but there is nothing more important than the personal experience.

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